About Walraven

In America, Walraven manufacturers and markets, pipe hangers, strut accessories and in-wall solutions specifically designed for US plumbing and mechanical applications. These products are engineered to support materials used in most installations such as: PEX, PVC, CPVC, PP, copper, steel, cast iron and conduit, providing contractors with simpler, smarter, faster, and easier installations while improving profitability. Walraven products are incorporated in a wide range of residential, light commercial and heavy-duty commercial applications: houses, hotels, high-rises, apartment buildings, schools/universities, airports, and many more.

3 reasons for choosing Walraven

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Complete systems
  • Less parts required

Rooftop Supports

Walraven’s rooftop solutions offer versatile, durable, and non-penetrative solutions that save both time and cost. The flat roof supports are long-lasting and keep the roof membrane intact.

Walraven’s rooftop solutions offer time and cost savings as well as being versatile, durable, and non-penetrative.

  • BIS Yeti® 335 Support System (BUP1000)
  • BIS Yeti® 480 Support System (BUP1000)

Pipeclamp Hangers & Supports

This versatile pipe clamp can be used to quickly and securely install multiple pipes and conduit for heating, plumbing and electrical installations. Suitable for lightweight copper and plastic pipework.

W Series
The W Series clamps are the latest way to mount pipes that strut. One size can fit multiple pipes, reducing the types of clamps needed to complete a project. This product will make any installation project easier, safer, and more affordable.

  • W 1000 Strut Clamp: for use with steel pipes and EMT conduit
  • W 2000 Cushion Clamp: for use with metal pipes
  • W 5000 Cushion Clamp: for use with plastic pipes
  • W 6000 Insulated Clamp: with integrated 3/8” thermal insulated block
  • W 6000 Insulated Clamp: with integrated ½” thermal insulated block

Need help with Walraven?

We carry a wide range of Walraven products and a member of the HSA team would be happy to source the right components for your project.

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