About TOPP Industries

TOPP Industries has been the number one choice for environmental and economical solutions for more than a decade. A top of the line facility that is over 300,000 square feet with continuous manufacturing that stocks inventory of lift station and wastewater components that are ready for shipment immediately. Offering quality sewage basins, sump basins and wastewater basins made of fiberglass and polyethylene that will provide customers resolutions for budget and performance.

TOPP’s dedication to customers is one of the most important aspects of their business that sets them apart from competition. With top of the line customer service and a sales team that offers constant support to ensure customers are satisfied with every solution.

Basins, Covers & Accessories

TOPP basins, covers and accessories are manufactured with the highest quality materials along with testing standards presently in the wastewater, water treatment, sewage, and sump markets.

Depending on your application, we offer a wide range of basin products manufactured from:

  • Fiberglass
  • Polethylene
  • Structural foam

The products are guaranteed long-term reliability in the most demanding applications, regardless of the circumstance.

Fiberglass Lift Stations

When customers have projects that demand a sewer or sewage lift station, TOPP packaged fiberglass lift stations are the best solution.

The lift stations are intended to be made under a rigorous quality program to meet the specific needs of an application.

If needed, engineering support is available to assist with any technical considerations, product selections and lift station design.


TOPP Industries is the original supplier of Uniseal Pipe Seals. These are designed to for holding tanks, which works well in any application where pipe penetrations are needed.

The Uniseals create a very protected watertight seal that does not need adhesive, hardware or threads and also can be used through the walls of any container or filter box.

These products are perfect for hydroponic growers, pond suppliers, and areef and marine industries.

Need help with TOPP?

We carry a wide range of TOPP products and a member of the HSA team would be happy to source the right components for your project.

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