About Potter Roemer

Offering innovation, quality, and service since its founding in 1937, Potter Roemer has a 110,000 sq. ft. headquarters and manufacturing facility in City of Industry (near Los Angeles), CA, and six other locations throughout the United States from which it provides a wide assortment of fire protection products.

Potter Roemer produced the industry’s first UL classified and listed extinguisher and valve cabinets, providing the assurance of the integrity of rated wall assemblies. The company also developed the innovative and patented Break Rite glazing system and handle, which delivers greater safety for building occupants, greatly reduced liability for building owners, and peace of mind for the specifier.

With all products manufactured in the United States, Potter Roemer products can be found in commercial and retail buildings, health care facilities, places of worship, and schools across the world.

Fire Extinguishers

Potter Roemer’s line of Fire Extinguishers includes ABC fire extinguishers, pressurized water fire extinguishers, Halotron fire extinguishers, Class K fire extinguishers, AFFF fire extinguishers, Class BC dry chemical fire extinguishers, Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers, Class D fire extinguishers, and wheeled fire extinguishers.

Length of stream ranges from 3’ to 55’, hose length up to 50’, and capacity offerings are from 2.5 pounds to 150 pounds. Brackets for the extinguishers are also available.

Fire Cabinets

Potter Roemer offers five fire cabinet models. The varied options accommodate different size and types of fire extinguishers with different mounting options, including recessed, semi-recessed, trimless, and surface mount.

Access Doors

The access doors available from Potter Roemer can be mounted to walls, ceiling, and ducts.

Features include doors made from recycled materials, multiple latching and lock options, and those with an automatic spring bolt lock.

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