About Oasis Bath

Oasis Bath believes in producing products with exceptional value beyond their price. For nearly three decades, Oasis Bath has met the quality and service expectations of the plumbing professionals and provided to the homeowner a personal vision for quality, performance, and value.

From the simplicity of a leisurely shower to the therapeutic benefits of a stress relieving hydrotherapy system, Oasis Bath products provide an exceptional bathing experience. Offering products in many sizes and shapes complimented by a variety of systems and assisted living packages.

Oasis employees care about the products provided, the reputation of the professionals who use the products, and the legacy of all those associated with Oasis Bath’s efforts.

Tubs & Showers

The story of the patented assembly technology for the Oasis Bath VURSA kd series is taking on a whole new beginning. Each section is carefully configured to create a stylish product with advanced multifunctional ability.

The VURSA kd line consists of two product families:

  • The first is the original ‘3P’ offering which utilizes horizontal stacking sections to create a tight wall surround. The seams associated with multiple piece designs are minimized by overhanging shelves strategically placed for visual affect and performance.
  • The second is the ‘4P’, which incorporates a 3-section wall surround and base, utilizing the same ergonomic designs as our 3P system.

The VURSA kd tub also incorporates a curved shelf raised above the tub deck, as a convenient area for bathing items. Supplemental shelf space is also provided on the tub deck to each side of the shelf – this tub also provides a traditional depth bathing wall, seat area and stylized back and neck rest for comfortable lounging.

Need help with Oasis Bath?

We carry a wide range of Oasis Bath products and a member of the HSA team would be happy to source the right components for your project.

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