About GroovJoint

GroovJoint has been providing customers with quality stainless steel piping products in a variety of applications since 2003. Located in the Midwest with a skilled team of craftsmen using quality, raw materials to produce products here in the United States. With a design team on hand, all products are made to meet any customer needs.

Stainless Steel Groove Fittings

The idea of the grooved design are to reduce the cost of labor in the fields by using the grooved method for the installation of piping systems.

GroovJoint Stainless Steel Grooved Pipe Fittings are designed to reduce labor costs in the field by using the grooved method for the installation of piping systems.

GroovJoint grooved pipe fittings are full-flow design in both 304L and 316L grades of stainless steel. conforming to ASTM A403 in sizes 1″ – 12″.

For product ranging from 1″ – 12″, fittings are offered in both Sch. 10 and Sch. 40 wall thicknesses. Sch. 40 fittings can be roll grooved or cut grooved depending on the customer’s requirements.

Stainless Steel Press Style Fittings

With the range of Pressjoint products, the stainless steel tube and Pressfitting system which allows making facilities in a very easy way, without using welding of threads, saving great amount of money and time.

The main applications in GroovJoint systems are:

  • Compressed air
  • Heating facilities
  • Sanitation facilities
  • Fire-extinguishing system (sprinkler)
  • Solar energy
  • Plumbing
  • Industrial facilities
  • Shipping facilities

Pressfitting Tools

The M18™ Force Logic™ Long Throw Press Tool is the smallest, lightest press tool that is available today. Featuring an in-line design, offering the most ergonomic solution for navigating around installed pipes, and delivering on the highest level of press accuracy and reliability obtainable. This tool monitors the force to ensure quality connections and qualities the best calibration standard in the industry.

Product Features: M18™ Force Logic™ Long Throw Press Tool

  • Long stroke provides the ability to press larger dimensions and more demanding pipe like stainless steel
  • Press indicator provides a visual assurance there is a quality connection
  • A shorter stroke provides faster press times on jaws and copper rings
  • Smallest, lightest long throw press tool in the market; weighs 9.5 lbs
  • Industry leading 40,000 cycles between calibration inspections
  • System provides up to 35+ solutions on one pack
  • Balanced, in-line design

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We carry a wide range of GroovJoint products and a member of the HSA team would be happy to source the right components for your project.

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