About CTS Flange

Plumbing Flange design and manufacturing, wholesale distribution and installation services to the plumbing and mechanical piping industry for over 50 years. The CTS Copper Flange is an innovative, labor saving and inexpensive method of making anti-electrolysis steel flange connections whenever using copper tube.

Copper Coated Flange

The technology used by CTS in the electrolytic bonding of copper to steel is similar to that used on grounding rod electrodes which have a minimum in-ground life expectancy of 40+ years. This process ensures long lasting molecular bond between the copper layer and the steel flange and eliminates the new to use an EPDM insulator.

  • 100% lead free
  • Ideal for harsh environments, either in ground or exposed to aggressive atmospheric conditions
  • Suitable for water, gas, steam and other high pressure copper applications both above and below ground

CTS Flange Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for all brass companion flange applications
  • No cracking or warping due to overheating, or cooling too rapidly
  • Heating and cooling time reduced
  • Adjustable rotating flange, eliminating 2 holing
  • Save money on gas and solder
  • Applications include: all butterfly and flanged gate valve installations, along with pumps, boilers, chillers, backflow devices
  • 100% Electrolysis Protection with copper to steel, cast connection (a suitable isolating gasket must be used)

Need help with CTS Flange?

We carry a wide range of CTS Flange products and a member of the HSA team would be happy to source the right components for your project.

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