About Chronomite

Since 1966, Chronomite Laboratories Inc. has been the innovative leader in instantaneous water heaters for a wide variety of commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential applications. The company’s water heaters provide an endless supply of hot water at the point of use. By heating water quickly and only when it is needed, Chronomite water heaters offer water and energy savings, resulting in lower maintenance and operational costs.

Instant-Flow® SR Point-of-Use Non-Thermostatic Tankless Water Heater

Designed to provide reliable instant and unlimited hot water when installed at the point of use, Chronomite Instant-Flow® SR Electric Tankless Water Heaters are perfect for kitchen, bar, and utility sinks, as well as hand set showers and manual hand washing faucets.

This compact product is ideal for two-handle and single-handle faucets and is an excellent under-the-sink water heater. The easy to install tankless water heater is made in America and meets ADA requirements. For optimal performance, install within 18 inches of the point-of-use.

Point-of-Use Thermostatic Tankless Water Heaters

Chronomite’s point-of-use thermostatic tankless water heaters feature ultra-quick response times to control hot water temperatures 120 times per second, eliminating the concern of scalding and the need for mixing valves.

These space-saving, light weight products are great for all point-of-use under the counter sink or basin applications and install quickly and stress-free.

Point-of-Use Thermostatic Tankless Water Heaters with ASSE 1070 Mixing Valve

An energy efficient solution for producing unlimited hot water, these water heaters come equipped with mixing valves that will maintain water temperature and ensure consistent pressure for safe operation.

These space-saving tankless water heaters are also ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial applications to meet your needs.

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