About Commercial Enameling Company

For over four generations, family owned CECO (Commercial Enameling Company) has become a mainstay feature of homes and businesses across the country.

The company continues to deliver the promise of quality craftsmanship and genuine care for each product that leaves the warehouse doors. Every CECO fixture is a tribute to the pursuit of the dream that began back in 1928; where every satisfied customer is testimony to a brighter future ahead.

Cast Iron Sinks

CECO offers a superior line of porcelain enameled cast iron sinks for residential and commercial plumbing applications.

These sinks and accessories deliver lasting value and stand the test of time with supreme workmanship, versatile design, and resilient materials.

Fireclay Sinks

CECO Fireclay sinks are formed out of clay and glaze, molded into the desired size and shape, and fired at a very high temperature.

Granite Sinks

Granite Composite sinks from CECO, 80% Natural Quartz and 20% Composite Acrylic, feature ease of care, and color options white, black, gray, and dark brown, for great style.

Stainless Steel Sinks

CECO’s Stainless Steel Sinks, made from 304 Stainless Steel, 18 or 20 Gauge with a Satin Finish, are designed and manufactured to offer superior quality and exceptional value.

Need help with CECO?

We carry a wide range of CECO products and a member of the HSA team would be happy to source the right components for your project.

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