About AcornVac

AcornVac, Inc. designs, engineers, manufactures and markets environmentally friendly plumbing and waste collection, conveyance, and disposal systems. AcornVac has the expertise and knowledge to deliver a state-of-the-art, reliable, cost effective and versatile plumbing system that is engineered to fit most any building type for renovation and new construction projects. The AcornVac solution minimizes the use of fresh water for toilet flushes. This in turn contributes to a smaller water and sewage footprint for any building.

What is a Vacuum Plumbing System?

Vacuum plumbing systems are simple and viable alternatives to underground piping that uses the combined energies of vacuum pressure and gravity for the collection, conveyance, and disposal of waste through a piping network that can be routed above ground.

Vacuum Waste System Toilets

The AcornVac Vacuum Toilet is made for ultra-efficient 0.5 gallon per flush water usage with the AcornVac Vacuum Waste System. The toilets are elongated bowl design with wall water supply and wall waste outlet connections.

Models that are offered are economical vitreous china, durable stainless steel, or color enhanced Enviro-Glaze powder coat finished stainless steel.

Vitreous china vacuum toilets are configured for off-floor installations. Stainless steel vacuum toilets are configured for off-floor or on-floor installations.

Need help with AcornVac?

We carry a wide range of AcornVac products and a member of the HSA team would be happy to source the right components for your project.

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