About Acorn Engineering

The broad Acorn® product line is comprised of heavy-gauge stainless steel correctional plumbing fixtures; stainless steel and solid surface wash basins; stainless steel toilets, urinals and showers; and precast shower basins and mop sinks.

All the fixtures Acorn Engineering Company manufactures are made from reclaimed stainless steel. Acorn sculpts this 80 percent recycled material into products that address complex environmental issues such as water conservation and energy efficiency. As a result, waste is kept to a minimum and products are durable and provide years of maintenance-free use, resulting in long-term environmental and economic benefits for a whole building.

As Acorn Engineering Company grew, companies and partnerships were acquired in similar and related fields. A new parent company was formed to encompass all the divisions—the Acorn Family of Companies. In 2012, the Acorn Family of Companies was renamed Morris Group International® to better promote the diverse industries and product lines it represents.

Combination Toilet & Lavatory

Toilet/sink combo units feature a space-saving design and heavy-duty, vandal-resistant steel construction. A wide variety of configurations are available, including ADA-compliant and ligature-resistant models.

Typically, these units are designed to be installed in rear mount/chase applications, however, front access models are also available.

Mop Service Sink

Constructed from durable terrazzo or stainless steel, Acorn® service and mop sinks are suitable for commercial, institutional, and justice applications.

They are designed to be durable and easy to clean.

Secur-Care Ligature Resistant

Acorn® Secur-Care® anti-ligature fixtures are designed to protect inmates in the justice system by eliminating ligature attachment points, ultimately decreasing their chances of inflicting harm to themselves or others and minimizing institutional liability.

The product line includes toilets, sinks, combo units, and showers, as well as products such as wall shelves and a water bubbler/cup filler. Easy to install and maintain, Secur-Care anti-ligature products work for new construction and renovations.

Shower Base

Offering a range of shower bases for commercial, institutional, and justice facility use, the units are constructed from cast solid surface, terrazzo, or stainless steel.

Durable, wear-resistant, and easy to clean, Acorn® shower bases feature a wide range of options, including ADA-compliant choices.

Stainless Steel Urinal

Designed for use in commercial, industrial, and justice applications, Acorn® stainless steel lavatories have portable options that provide hand washing capabilities in areas without plumbing.

Ligature-resistant and ADA-compliant options are available.


Acorn manufactures a wide variety of stainless steel siphon- and blowout-jet toilets designed for commercial, industrial, and justice center applications.

ADA-compliant and bariatric models that are ligature-resistant and designed for vandal-prone areas are suitable for all manner of applications.

Other Products

  • Accessories
  • Drinking Fountains
  • Electronic Water Management Systems
  • Hand Washing Stations
  • Hydrant Boxes
  • Security Furnishings
  • Showers

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