Plumbing Industry Labor Needs Remain High

January 18, 2024

A common issue impacting those in the plumbing industry is a need for workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is expected that plumbers and related occupations will increase by an average of 14% over the next decade, compared with 5% for other occupations.

In 2024, nearly one-quarter of plumbers are over age 55. As skilled trade workers retire, the plumbing industry will continue to focus on recruiting, training, and developing new talent to replace these individuals. Businesses have been investing in apprenticeship programs and additional educational opportunities, attracting young people from diverse backgrounds, and encouraging STEM education.

With this in mind, Herkowski Stickler & Associates has been committing additional resources to providing training and education to those seeking instruction within the plumbing industry. This includes working with Plumbers’ Local Unions in the areas the company serves.

The focus is on offering education that explains the changes in how work is being done in the field, with an end goal of training the future industry workers using current trends and products.

Another component of HSA’s focus on education is the training available through the company’s Hot Water Technical Solutions group, which offers support related to hot water activities, ensuring the proper product is utilized and correctly installed. The training is provided by certified HSA team members who have conducted numerous sessions for industry professionals and those looking to get into plumbing-related careers.

HSA team members regularly “talk up” the plumbing industry, encouraging people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill sets to consider pursuing a career. We know all with whom we work are dedicated to growing the industry through having qualified personnel serve their clients.