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Tech Talk

How Hard is it to Swap a Water Cooler?

HSA had the opportunity to attend an install/retrofit to a Murdock unit and here is how it went:

Tools Required for this Retrofit:

  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Pipe Wrench
  • Level
  • Tubing Cutter
  • Pliers
  • Allen Wrench Set
  • Bucket for Residual Water

NOTE: It's important to refer to the specific installation instructions provided by Murdock for your particular water cooler model. The instructions should outline the necessary tools and steps required for a proper installation. If you're unsure or uncomfortable with the installation process contact Murdock customer support for assistance.

Retrofit Install Time: Under one hour - from box to fully functioning unit

EZ-Door Filter System Install Time: Less than five minutes

Comments from the District Plumber:

It’s really a straightforward install.”

“I love how much room you have and the knockout is a solid feature to have if you need it.”

The plumber is now requesting only Murdock products for future replacement units because the installation went so smoothly.

Murdock Filter Benefits: Murdock Filters are NSF 42+53 Certified as well as NSF 372 compliant.

Already have an unfiltered unit? No Problem! Murdock now offers the 1,500-Gallon Capacity EZ Door® Filter which can retrofit existing A171 and A172 Series models (Manufactured After October 2022).

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What's Happening at HSA?

Congratulations to the Traynor Family!

Phil Traynor and his wife Brittini welcomed their fourth child, Hudson Ford, on Friday, May 12!

Staying Up to Speed

This past week, HSA team members participated in Manufacturer Rep Training. Penny Rimdzius and Carrie Vetter traveled to the T&S Brass Training Center in South Carolina where they participated in breakout training sessions on products and processes and were able to tour the plant.


Brian Baxter traveled to Charlotte Pipe in North Carolina where he gained product knowledge for current and new product offerings.


HSA is diligent about keeping our team up to speed on the most current trainings, across all our manufacturers, to help continue to provide the best support for our customers. To learn more about our manufacturer’s products, training, and technical information, check out the link below to our website’s Training Resources page.

Training Resources

HSA Gives Back

We have created the HSA Gives Back program, which is focused on getting involved in and supporting the communities in which we work. We would love to hear from you if you know of or are in need of any volunteers for charitable events within the Illinois and Wisconsin markets.

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Manufacturer Highlights

Quarter Turn Stop Valves

Oatey ® 1/4-Turn water stop valves, which provide easy on/off operation for controlling water flow, are designed for connections where a water line passes through a wall.

They are available in a variety of connection types including copper compression, FIP, copper sweat, PEX, CPVC, push connect, and coarse thread.

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Navigator Digital Mixing Valve

Bradley’s new digital mixing valve offers precise temperature control and programmable features to bring safety and efficiency to your domestic hot water systems. The automatic daily ball rotation feature removes scale to keep the valve running smoothly and reduces cleaning and maintenance time. The industry-exclusive, programmable weekly thermal disinfection system raises temperatures to kill Legionella and other harmful bacteria.   

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Recent Events

Wisconsin PHCC/ASPE Product Show

Bryan Fonseca, HSA Wisconsin office Business Development Professional, participated in the vendor showcase at the May 4 ASPE and Wisconsin PHCC educational event held at the Tributary in Madison, WI. A huge shout-out to everyone who took the time to stop by our booth. Can't wait to see you at this event next year!

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