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Is the Gas Valve on Your Water Heater Leaking?

The new water heater was just installed and now it’s time to test it. Cold water in hot water out, no leaks. Now it is time to test the gas. The gas detector is showing a presence of gas. All the gas connections are tightened and then a retest is performed. Still, a trace of gas is detected. Is the gas valve bad? The short answer is no.

According to North American requirements that are outlined in UL429, ANSI Z21.21/CSA 6.5 and ANSI Z21.78/CSA 6.20, maximum external leakage is 200cc/hr. These standards and values have been deemed safe by the respected agencies listed above and have been established for decades. 

Electronic gas detectors do not quantify the gas detected in the atmosphere. These detectors only identify gas in the vicinity in parts per million. With many variables such as the heater placement, fresh air turnover, and other gas appliances in the room it is nearly impossible to correlate gas detector readings to a valve’s leakage rate. Although these detectors can distinguish gas below the safe leakage rate of a valve it often leads to misplaced safety concerns. This results in the unwarranted replacement of expensive gas valves that meet all safety requirements.


What's Happening at HSA?

Plumbing Mechanical Manufacturers’ Rep of the Year!

Herkowski Stickler & Associates is proud to share it has been recognized as Plumbing & Mechanical’s 2023 Manufacturers' Rep of the Year! We are extremely proud of this honor and are appreciative of the tremendous effort put forth by the entire HSA team daily to receive this acknowledgment.

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HSA Hot Water Technical Team

Here at Herkowski Stickler and Associates, we pride ourselves on our strong customer and manufacturer relationships. By developing the HSA Hot Water Technical team, we can provide a seamless experience before, during, and after the sale. We can support the customer in a larger capacity than ever before simplifying the sales and installation process for these technical product lines. With its years of experience, HSA evolved from the analysis and anticipation of market needs, and the mix of people and products, and services to meet those needs. “We are constantly changing and adapting to the demand of the markets we serve. We strive to meet and stay ahead of the expectations of our customers and business partners, for now, and into the future.” – Steve and Joe

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Habitat for Humanity

As part of its HSA Gives Back program, Herkowski Stickler & Associates staff members participated in building Habitat for Humanity homes in Rockford, IL on Thursday, June 8. The home is one of many that the Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity organization is constructing from the ground up, providing affordable housing within the community.

A huge shout out to Gerber Plumbing Fixtures and Oatey Company for providing generous product donations to be used in the homes.

Stay tuned for HSA's next charitable endeavor!

Laars Training

Recently Jimmy Kane, Derek Vaughn, and Nick Soristo, Business Development Professionals in the Bensenville office, were at Laars Heasting Systems headquarters in Rochester, NH completing technical training on commercial boilers and volume water heaters.

Thank you to Jacek Grob, Laars Regional Sales Manager, and Jack Brody, District Sales Manager – Specialty Products, for being great hosts.

About Laars

Manufacturer Highlights

More Protection Than Ever

Vitraglas® is an exclusive enamel tank lining that provides unsurpassed protection from the corrosive effects of water. Microban® antimicrobial technology provides additional product protection by helping to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface of the tank lining.

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The Redesigned Avalanche

Now Featuring:

  • QuietClean™
  • KeepClean™
  • High-end design for an upscale look at a great value
  • Largest footprint in Gerber’s offering; ideal for replacements
  • 1,000-gram MaP® Score with 60 feet of drain line carry
  • 15-year warranty on parts and components, limited lifetime warranty on vitreous china
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