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Tech Talk

Niron PP-RCT

Niron PP-RCT represents a groundbreaking advancement in polypropylene technology, distinguished by its highly beta crystalline composition. Comprising a copolymer of propylene and ethylene, with over 90% propylene content, this material falls into the category of random copolymers. Its unique beta crystallization is achieved through a patented process during raw material pelletization, endowing the material with exceptional stability and remarkable resistance to high pressure at elevated temperatures. Augmented by the infusion of antioxidants, Niron PP-RCT demonstrates outstanding resilience against oxidative attacks, positioning itself as a superior class of material compared to standard copolymer PP grades.

The Niron PP-RCT Clima pipe undergoes a sophisticated extrusion process, incorporating a central Powercore™ Layer reinforced with fiberglass. This innovative layer not only imparts dimensional stability in response to temperature variations but also reinforces the pipe, reducing the frequency of required supports. The pipe's exceptional chemical resistance makes it highly resistant to solvents. However, due to this characteristic, traditional solvent cementing is not applicable. Instead, the material lends itself to various heat fusion methods, where heating, pressure application, and subsequent cooling result in the recrystallization of molecules, forming a homogeneous material. Remarkably, the strength of the heat fusion welds surpasses that of the connected pipe and fittings, a departure from the common vulnerability of joints in conventional piping materials.

In summary, Niron PP-RCT emerges as a revolutionary polypropylene solution, characterized by its beta crystalline structure, resistance to oxidative attacks, and innovative multilayer technology with the Powercore™ Layer. This advanced material not only addresses the challenges posed by temperature fluctuations but also stands out in its resistance to chemical exposure, offering a robust alternative to traditional piping systems where joints often represent a weak link.

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What's Happening at HSA?

Oatey Cement Training for the Plumbers Local 130 UA

HSA recently facilitated training on Oatey cement, hosted by the Plumbers Local 130 UA. First, second, and third year apprentices were able to gain insights into the correct selection of solvent cement and joining techniques. Apprentices then had the chance to apply their knowledge in a hands-on setting. Experiencing the product's functionality in real-time was highly impactful and partnering with Oatey and Local 130 UA was a great opportunity to collaborate. We appreciate the Local 130 UA for initiating and hosting the training in both their Chicago and Joliet, IL locations. Thank you to Oatey for furnishing products for the hands-on sessions, along with offering technical training beforehand.

HSA Christmas Party

Our very own Jimmy Kane, a former Plumbers JAC LU 130 UA instructor, has achieved certification as a NUPI trainer, qualifying him to certify installers in essential fusion techniques such as electrofusion, butt fusion, and socket fusion.


In addition, Jimmy is a part of HSA's Hot Water Technical Solutions team, along with the expertise of former Plumbers JAC LU 130 UA instructor Nick Soristo, and Derek Vaughn, a Certified UA instructor. Together, this dynamic team is well-equipped to provide valuable training and support on our most technical lines. Want to learn more, or become certified in NUPI? Contact us at

Pads of Elgin

HSA Gives Back wrapped up its fourth and final event of the year by serving dinner at Pads of Elgin! Our team provided fried chicken, sides, and cookies, ensuring there were leftovers for late arrivals and lunch the next day. We also played a key role in organizing the Pads of Elgin closet for improved accessibility. HSA made a substantial donation of children's socks and underwear in various sizes, along with advent calendars for the children. We couldn't be more pleased to have the opportunity to lend a hand, especially during this time of the year.

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Manufacturer Highlights

Great Sinks, Competitive Prices

Plumbing Engineer magazine has featured Murdock Mfg. bottle fillers in its November 2023 article “Sustainability Flow: Rethinking Water in Schools.”

The article explores the many ways plumbing engineers can help students make healthier choices for their bodies, their wallets, and the planet. Read the article to find out more!

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Health Care Plumbing Needs

Check out our new flyer showcasing comprehensive plumbing solutions tailored for healthcare facilities! Discover what HSA can offer for your upcoming healthcare projects. Your plumbing needs, our expertise!

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Happy Holidays from all of us at Herkowski Stickler & Associates! May your days be filled with warmth, laughter, and precious moments with loved ones.

Please note HSA will be closed on December 25 and January 1, 2023, in observance of Christmas and New Year's Day. Thank you for your continued support, and here's to a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

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