HSA Adds Murdock Manufacturing Product Line

January 25, 2023

A commitment to family and quality has been trademarks of Herkowski Stickler & Associates (HSA) since its founding in 1931. Those same attributes have played a prominent role in developing relationships with manufacturers that the company represents.

One of the new product offerings HSA added this year throughout Wisconsin and Illinois is Murdock Manufacturing, a five-generation family-owned and operated Cincinnati, Ohio, business that is preeminent in the drinking fountain and water hydrant industries. Through HSA, you can order a wide variety of electric water coolers, bottle fillers, hydrants, and indoor or outdoor drinking fountains.

Starting in 1853 as a manufacturer of frost-free hydrants to deliver water throughout the country, Murdock’s reputation for high-quality, American-made products led to its inclusion in high-profile Depression-era projects, including those coordinated by the Tennessee Valley Authority, the WPA, and the Civilian Conservation Corps.

As fabrication methods were impacted by technology, the company’s commitment to durability, longevity, and style remains steadfast. “Many of our more than century-old models remain in operation today, and they can be repaired with original parts,” said Bob Murdock, company president.

As a member of Morris Group International since 2004, another family-run business that is comprised of several other family-operated entities and totals more than 2,000 employees, Bob Murdock said the company is proud to be a U.S. manufacturer, engineering and building its own water industry products. “We are an independent company that answers only to our employees, our sales teams, and our customers,” he explained.

Murdock regularly invests in its machining and manufacturing facilities to ensure it meets the production needs of its customers. This includes an NSF-certified lab in Chicago.

In addition to being an industry leader, Murdock Manufacturing is a trendsetter, as it can match all its hydration stations to any existing Pantone® color swatch, customizing products to fit seamlessly wherever they’re installed.

Bob Murdock explained all the manufacturer reps Murdock Manufacturing works with are family-type businesses. “I’m thrilled to have Herkowski Stickler & Associates as a partner – it’s a first-class agency,” he said. “We treat our people as an asset, and I know HSA does the same with its team members.”

With so many products made in North America and lead-free, you find the Murdock nameplate in national, state, and municipal parks; on campgrounds, golf courses, beaches, and military bases; in schools, stadiums, cemeteries, and sports facilities; and in thousands of other locales.

Starting its 170th year in business, Bob Murdock is most pleased with how his family-run business

continues to thrive. “I am so proud of our organization – it is a great place to work. Our success is based on the encouragement and capabilities of my family, starting with my great-great-grandfather, my partner Don Morris, our employees, and the great rep agencies we have. We are surrounded by dedicated and hard-working people, all of whom are driven to carry on the tradition of manufacturing the highest quality products that last a lifetime,” he said.

For more information on the Murdock Manufacturing products available through HSA, visit www.hsarep.com, email quoteswi@hsarep.com or quotesil@hsarep.com, or call 414-771-0400 (Wisconsin) or 630-458-8816 (Illinois).