HSA Assists Plumbers Local 130

March 29, 2023

In its history, Herkowski Stickler & Associates has been committed to providing training and education not only to its staff, but to supporting those who offer instruction within the plumbing industry.

This allegiance was evident earlier in March when HSA provided products to the Chicago Journeymen Plumbers’ Local Union 130 United Association (UA) for use with a training class that was to be conducted at its training center.

Frank Borkowski of Plumbers Local 130 was preparing to lead a hands-on session with apprentice plumbers on the installation of a new wall hung water closet product from Kohler and needed carriers for use with the installation. He contacted Derek Vaughn, a Business Development Professional in HSA’s Bensenville office, and within two hours, Jay R. Smith water closet supports (carriers) were delivered by HSA to the training center.

“This was a unique situation with a collaboration of different organizations providing the materials to offer training to a group of apprentice plumbers that allows them to be better prepared when they go onto jobsites,” Frank said. “With HSA providing the carriers in such a timely fashion, the training started on time, and it was very beneficial to all who participated.”

Derek, who completed a five-year plumbing apprenticeship through Plumbers’ Local Union 130 and is a UA Certified Instructor, said HSA is an advocate for education. “We stock a wide range of products at our Bensenville warehouse, we had the Jay R. Smith water closet carriers available, and it was easy to get the product loaded and delivered to the training center,” said Derek. “The type of education being provided is changing how work is being done in the field and we are happy to play a part in training the future workers in our industry.”

For more information on working with HSA on assisting Plumbers Local 130, call 630-458-8816.