Habitat for Humanity

June 8, 2023

Herkowski Stickler & Associates staff members participated in building Habitat for Humanity homes in Rockford, IL on Thursday, June 8. The home is one of many that the Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity organization is constructing from the ground up, providing affordable housing within the community. Each of the homes will feature geothermal systems that heat and cool utilizing the near-constant ground temperature in the earth, using heat pumps to absorb heat during winter and then expelling heat in the summer.

Special thanks to Gerber Plumbing Fixtures (12 Viper toilets and 12 Luxoval bathroom sinks) and Oatey Company (12 closet flanges, 12 wax rings, six washing machine supply boxes, three kitchen sink drains, and 12 P-traps) for their generosity in donating materials for use in the homes.