Who is HSA?

Our history

Since 1931, Herkowski Stickler & Associates has been servicing the plumbing industry as a manufacturer’s representative. Our team of sales professionals has the experience to help at all levels of the plumbing industry. With its years of experience, HSA evolved from the analysis and anticipation of market needs, and the mix of people and products, and services to meet those needs.

Our benefits

With a strategy of “pull through selling” and a philosophy that always puts the customer first, HSA has a team whether in Wisconsin or Illinois to fully drive any manufacturer’s sales strategy. Herkowski Stickler & Associates services architects, engineers, wholesalers, and mechanical contractors in Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and Illinois as a manufacturer’s representative.

Our values

We realize that growing our business through strong relationships is the key to our clients’ success. While representing quality manufacturers, we provide the customer with quick, reliable service that will ultimately lead to a positive sales experience for our principal partners and our mutual customers.

Open since 1931

A family owned business, Herkowski Stickler & Associates have been in operation for more 90 years.

2 Locations

Our warehouses span both Wisconsin and Illinois and have over 25,000 sqft of products ready to ship.

36 employees

The HSA team continues to grow over the years to help provide better service to our customers.

320+ years of experience

Our teams extensive knowledge of the plumbing industry allows us to recommend the right parts for your job.

How it all started


Byron Stickler starts Stickler & Associates


Ray Stickler purchases Stickler & Associates


Stephen Stickler purchases Stickler & Associates


Herkowski Sales joins forces with Miller Sales in Illinois


Joe Herkowski & Stephen Stickler join forces as Herkowski Stickler & Associates


HSA joins forces with Riddle Associates in Illinois


HSA joins forces with Deery-Pardue & Associates in Illinois


HSA opens Service Center at its Wisconsin location

Meet our team

Outside Sales

Headshot of Mick Bradford

Mick Bradford

Outside Sales Manager
Headshot of Bryan Fonseca

Bryan Fonseca

Outside Sales
Headshot of Paul Ginter

Paul Ginter CPMR

Outside Sales
Headshot of Joe Herkowski

Joe Herkowski CPMR

Owner/Outside Sales
Headshot of Jimmy Kane

Jimmy Kane

Outside Sales
Headshot of Greg Luczak

Greg Luczak

Outside Sales
Headshot of Mark Luczak

Mark Luczak

Outside Sales
Headshot of Greg Pardue

Greg Pardue CPMR

Outside Sales
Headshot of Tyler Redling

Tyler Redling CPMR

Outside Sales
Headshot of Penny Rimdzius

Penny Rimdzius

Outside/Showroom Sales
Headshot of Steve Stickler

Steve Stickler CPMR

Owner/Outside Sales
Headshot of Phil Traynor

Phil Traynor CPMR

Outside Sales
Headshot of Derek Vaughn

Derek Vaughn

Outside Sales

Inside Sales

Headshot of Brian Baxter

Brian Baxter CPMR

IL Inside Sales Manager
Headshot of Donald Castle

Donald Castle

Inside Sales
Headshot of Daisy Ciolli

Daisy Ciolli

Inside Sales
Headshot of Barb DeCanio

Barb DeCanio

Inside Sales
Headshot of Jason Gerard

Jason Gerard

Inside Sales
Headshot of Diana Gurak

Diana Gurak

Inside Sales
Headshot of Brenda Holz

Brenda Holz

Inside Sales
Headshot of Tara Jensema

Tara Jensema

WI Inside Sales Manager
Headshot of Patty MacKay

Patty MacKay

Inside Sales
Headshot of Brian McCarthy

Brian McCarthy

Inside Sales
Headshot of Lisa Pardue

Lisa Pardue

Inside Sales
Headshot of Keith Pirlot

Keith Pirlot

Inside Sales
Headshot of Paula Sowinski

Paula Sowinski

Inside Sales
Headshot of Tom Sowinski

Tom Sowinski

Inside Sales
Headshot of Katy Thekan

Katy Thekan

Inside Sales
Headshot of Carrie Vetter

Carrie Vetter

Inside Sales

Office Staff

Headshot of Sandy Benkowski

Sandy Benkowski

Headshot of Katie Goodman

Katie Goodman

Communications Manager

Service Center Staff

Headshot of Adrian Alvarado

Adrian Alvarado

Headshot of Mark Armando

Mark Armando

Service Center Manager
Headshot of Joe Guzman

Joe Guzman

Headshot of Evan McMillin

Evan McMillin

Milwaukee Service Center Manager
Headshot of Lenny Sands

Lenny Sands

Headshot of Oscar Zavala

Oscar Zavala


Phil and Mark have been more than willing to bring out product to our office, work with manufacturers to resolve issues, and even visit job sites to make product corrections.

We are members of these fine organizations

At HSA, we recognize the importance of working with the right people. Throughout the years, we have joined, connected, and collaborated with many organizations that work towards making the plumbing industry the best it can be.

We're here to help

Not sure what you need? Looking for some assistance with our product lines? Reach out to us and one of our sales reps will be in touch with you shortly to assist.

Headshot of Paula Sowinski
Paula SowinskiInside Sales